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Health & Fitness Jogos Pedagógico Puzzle
Developer: Christian Grundy
3.99 USD

ThinkGym+, available for the iPad (also available for iPhone as a separate app,) is an app made of multiple puzzles or mini-games designed to exercise your mental skills. Inspired by seasoned adults who keep their minds and memories working at their full potential.

ThinkGym+ is a collection of mini-games that train different areas of your mind, and keep track of your performance.

The categories are:
* Memory (Be quickly introduced to a small group of people and remember their names and occupations)
* Speed (Alphabetically sort a group of 10 words as quickly as possible)
* Spatial (Use a map to show that you can follow directions with precision)
* Association (Look at 25 symbols and quickly point the one that has no pair)
* Flexibility (Answer one of two very simple questions, based on where the question is asked)

As the collection continues to grow, more mini-games will be added to each category (currently one mini-game per category).

Performance Logging:

For simplicity, all scores are converted to percentages (each mini-game has its own scoring system), and all session of the day are averaged by category.

The performance is presented in a very simplified graph that goes back one year.